Bad Blood

from by Animal Omen



Lyrics written and performed by Jed
Lead guitar by Ryan
Bass by Matt
Drums by Zachary

"Bad Blood" addresses the struggles of good and evil that is experienced by every person.


Well I got a problem
And you've got one too I bet,
But I know just what to do

You got to shove it
Deep down in side and
Hope that one day it dies
When finally we're old and wise

You gotta agitate to procreate
Dump my baby in toxic waste
Dump my baby in toxic waste it's fine

Whats the use in debating
All the time it's taking
Debating wasted time

But we're all doing fine
Try an be honest from time to time, well
The sunshine lifts
And every things left behind
Behind, behind

What's this thing that living in the back of my mind
Slithers it's way down my spine
All these english ways that we've got to sustain
I sure hope I don't discorporate

Why's it taking so much time to sort out all our things
You got to carry them around until you're drunk and crippled
So you're drunk and crippled now

We're just fine
Try an be honest from time to time
You'll find
When you open up
And let others in
You can begin
To finish what is in
What is he in


from Feral Moans, released February 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Animal Omen Vancouver, British Columbia


Formed in 2014.

Darkness is equally important as light.

Climbing peaks and descending valleys in search of the Omens.

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